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These are the most comfortable cleats I think you can buy My only problem is that I play on real hard / rough surfaces. Its so light weight, its like not wearing a shoe at all. I believe the ball feel is even better with these, kangaroo leather makes them fit like a glove, they are very light and have good traction. The white sole will more than likely darken if you do not clean it regularly. They are very comfortable, it seems you were in cotton. Great golf shoe with minimalist feel. PUMA Mens Hyperazzo Ducati Fashion Sneaker,Black/White,11 D US are very nice shoe , very comfortable and stylish, Im very glad I got them specially because is hard to find the size that fit at the first try plus the sole is very resistant. yes great for sports car driving. Normally its hard for me to find a shoe that doesnt need a lot of wearing in. I usually wear a size 9.5 in most shoes but for these I had to get a 10. Thanx guys. The shoes have good support and are very comfortable as well. Looks absolutely great. I bought the Puma Duck boots as an alternative to the traditional Wellies style rain boots, because I thought the Pumas would be more practical for walking long distances. Overall, this is a great shoe for the price and I will be purchasing the next size up when we need it. I NEVER see anyone else wearing them.its the Puma flat is like a hidden jewel. Only 3/5 stars because of color and fit Driving shoe, is the best description of this product. I have owned many puma running shoes but these are more of a "boot" style.they fit true to length Im a standard 12 & are a bit roomier in width than most pumas I buyand I have a narrow foot FYI.they look really good but I gave 4 stars because the price of 89 is too high.the puma website no longer has them so thats why I bought them here.look in your area for these because this price is "unamazonlike" . I stuffed the front of the shoes with a thick socks for a few days before wearing to stretch the front, if had the option to buy half size bigger I would have, I am generally a size 6.5 7, but for this foot I would have purchased a 7.5, it would have given me more movement by toes. They fit like a glove and are not too warm like most Puma shoes tend to be. Overall this has been a good watch, its water tight and does what it needs to do. In the meantime, Ive gotten many compliments about these pants. She wore it a few times and no problems occur. Decent quality, Second pair of laces are laughably large and beefy. I CONTRIBUTE WISE SPENDING TO MY MOTHER AND THESE SNEAKERS WERE A GREAT BUY. Simple and perfect for what I need. So when I was looking for some new kicks and I saw these blue Pumas I had to have them. Im not sure exactly what function the laces serve. They look real silly on my big feet. sportschuheherren Mihara Yasuhiro designs are sleek, beautifully designed without compromising price and most of comfort. Dont like this particular design. They are durable. Like the style, love no more tongue to roll to the side. The shoe is very well constructed but was too large I am a solid 8. That means that if you play in a competitive match, you might want to wear something more sturdy and protective. Great shoes, use them for casual wear and with dressed up jeans and shirt. Very comfortable. laufschuhedamentest so now i will give it too my mother,,,, I bought this sneakers a few weeks ago. These are without a doubt the absolute most miserable shoes I have ever owned. He travels often and can fold it into his suitcase, take it out the next day, and its wrinkle free.
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