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Сообщение Mikhael » 20 фев 2018, 09:37

...This is what Mueller is now conspiring to do to try to take down Trump. He cannot prove there was any collusion with the Russians, but why do we let facts get in the way? CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, POLITICO, and others have all reported that Mueller’s indictment is a proven fact. They are all salivating over the idea of now threatening people with life in imprisonment if they do not say whatever Mueller demands.

Now, Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is Mueller’s target to try to convert him into a “rat” os formally known as a cooperating witness. Mueller has been unsuccessful so far so now he is going after Rick Gates threatening him with prison time to testify against Manafort. If Mueller’s investigation can get Manford to testify to his script, then he can take down the White House and set the stage for the complete collapse of Western society. Mueller is now offering a deal to Gates who cannot take down Trump, but he will use him to take down Manafort to threaten him with 30 years+. In turn, he hopes to get Manafort to then seek a deal and flip becoming a “rat” to take down the White House.

This is the real risk for if they take down Trump, this will by no means restore the system to where it was before Trump. We have crossed the Rubicon and Trump beat 17 Republicans and if you eliminate California (widely suspected of voter fraud) Trump beat Hillary in the popular vote nationwide. Taking down Trump is more likely going to spark civil unrest and a movement toward civil war even by 2021. The Trump supporters will view this whole thing as a conspiracy against the people and Democracy.
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